Daily Thoughts

Daily Thoughts, Ideas & Experiences from Mark Adam Douglass

Rest Stop

Ever since my surgery, my so called 'daily writing' has been sporadic at best. This is partly due to the healing process, but mores to do with being a little overwhelmed with so many projects that sprouted all at once.

So whilst I sort through all of the possible projects, and decide on what's next, I am going to have a little rest from writing here, most likely all the way through March, and hopefully come back refreshed, and ready to write, daily. I will continue to write at Minimalist Couple, especially as we are coming up to our first anniversary, but that will be a lot less regular. 

See you all in about a month.

Planting Ideas And Projects

Although I'm not much of a gardener, I do know that when you plant seeds, you usually plant more than you need, because, usually, not all of them will grow. Occasionally though, all, or most, do catch on, and you end up with a flourishing garden with an abundance of plants. 

Abundance is great at times, but not in this case. When the garden is merely an analogy for planting ideas and projects, many of which had a chance of failing, many which might not have worked, then abundance leads to overwhelm, anxiety, and pushing the boundaries of your capacity.  

Whilst I'm excited that so many of these potential ideas and projects have come to fruition, I wonder if maybe I planted too many to begin with. 

I guess I'll have to be more mindful when planting the next season of ideas and projects.  


Knowing Your Learning

As an educator, I have quite a lot of insight into how I learn best. When it comes to a teacher out the front, lecture style class environment, I know that I can't just sit and absorb. Even taking notes isn't enough. 

I've found that doing something that might be referred to as mind-less, and can be started and stopped easily, can actually help me to focus and to listen more carefully.  

One of my favourites in the past has been sudoku puzzles, because most of the process of solving a sudoku is repetitively checking through all of the numbers. Today, I was simply entering feedback form data into a spreadsheet. It worked perfectly: I took in all of the lecture; I listened to, and contributed to, the group discussions; and I got all of the data entry done. 

How much do you know about your learning? What do you do to help yourself learn better?

Looking Amongst The Shadows

Whilst there are many elements of my past that I want to leave in my past, because they were distracting me from the life I wanted to live, or as Steven Pressfield refers to it, I was leading my shadow life, I sometimes wonder if I let too much of it go. Whilst most of it was things I liked, distracting me, and taking time away, from the things I love, I wonder if there were things I love scattered amongst my shadow life, and whether I need to bring them into the light. 

Or am I just scared of change? Am I just retreating to what I know, to what feels comfortable, to what feels safe? 

Aligned Visions

I love standing up and sharing my vision. I love it even more when my vision aligns with other's visions. 

Today I gave a talk, and facilitated a discussion, on my vision for the local gallery. It was so wonderful to have almost all of the thirty in attendance tell me how much they connected with what I said, and how they can't wait to get involved.  

Whilst everyone had their own ideas, thoughts, and proposals, it was our aligned visions that made the day such a success.

I can't wait to start enacting our shared visions.