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Taste Of The Climax

Taste Of The Climax

Our September To Remember will finish with a very important climax: our wedding day. 

Today, we got to have a taste of what that experience will be, with our caterers delighting our taste buds with delicious dishes, which were both vegetarian and gluten-free. 


 Whilst the days are counting down to the wedding, there are many more adventures to be had between now and then. I can't wait to tell you all about them.



September To Remember

We have an amazing month ahead of us, and it will surely be a month to remember. 

It starts with Jess jumping out of a plane tomorrow, whilst I try to catch her, and finishes with Jess and I getting married. And there is a whole bunch of other great adventures in between. 

I'm going to (attempt to) write about our daily adventures here, and you can also keep tabs on us on Facebook with #JAMSeptemberToRemember. And if you're not Facebook friends with Jess or I, then please send us a request. 

What are you going to do so you can also have a September To Remember?

Double Procrastination Experiment

Procrastination 1: Washing up dishes.

Procrastination 2: Backlog of emails.

Experiment: Set up space so I can do either. When I feel myself wanting to procrastinate from one, I can do the other. When I feel myself procrastinating from the other, I go back to the other.

Results: A success. I got a lot done, and enjoyed myself in the process.

Business Is Booming

Well, maybe booming is a little strong, but I would definitely suggest we are successfully growing our business. After just two weeks, we have 14 students enrolled, with a few assessment and enrolments hanging in the balance.

I am loving many elements of this new business. One element I didn't realise I would love, although I have loved it in the past when I was managing the circus school at Circa, was how connected you become with the whole family. I am loving the depth of the relationships that are forming, and look forward to watching them grow, and waiting for them to start blooming.

Would You Consider Firing A Client?

With many businesses, you have a choice as to whether or not you work with a client. Yes, if you decide to not work with a particular client, you will miss out on their money, but you do still have a choice.

If you started working with a client, and began to realise that your idea, and your clients idea, of the outcome are mis-aligned, what would you do? 

Would you bend to their will, even though you would be producing work you are not proud of, work that you wouldn’t want to put in your portfolio, or on your resume?

Or, after attempting to convince them of why your way is the most effective, and not succeeding, would you attempt to amicably part ways, effectively firing your client?

I know I used to do work that I wasn’t particularly proud of, just to make the client happy. But no more. I only want to do work that I’d be proud to display in my portfolio or resume.

Our work is defined by what we won’t do, by the lines we won’t cross, by the compromises we won’t make.

Would you consider firing a client?